20 Nov: Single + Video Wasting Time released
Op de 3voor12 Luisterpaal
Tribute to Elliott Smith

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Check out review in Haarlems Dagblad: ‘knettergoede liedjes, knap gearrangeerd’

Popronde 2013

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Dassuad is serious about playing.
  After 10 years of playing the same band, Bjorn Jensen decides in spring 2011 to take a turn. The band Dress, had been a steady force in the Amsterdam Indie scene and recieved much critical acclaim and selective radio airplay for their three albums Semi-automatic, The Image Reduction Plan and The Comfort Collector; several mentionings in the Oor Popencyclopedia; shows on Eurosonic, Club 3voor12, and one song ‘(Semi-automatic’) being hailed as a dutch pop-classic by the VPRO-gids. Listening to old Led Zeppelin the idea came to do an album with no overdubs, focussed on the energy of the music, the vocal and the songs. In order to achieve this, Jensen invited Empee Holwerda (Solbakken, LUL, Kanipchen Fit) , Jochem Klijnman and Maarten Kooijman (Johan, Alex Roeka) and changed his name to Dassuad. In three days the debut ‘Drive’ was recorded. Listen to the upbeat ‘Wasting time’, with its lingering Rhodes piano, dreamy guitar. Or ‘Slow Whisper’, that might have been the tune for any American 80’s sitcom, like Cheers, or Who’s the boss? Or come along on a trip with the epic ‘Acts of men’, slowly building into a climax, with a beautiful improvised instrumental outro. For the live shows Dassuad takes his seriousness about playing one step further, by inviting different musicians to play the songs together. This makes Dassuad the first ever* band to cover it’s own songs.


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artikel door Sietse Meijer

Dassuad tribute to Elliott Smith

Ten years ago Elliott Smith died. I was listening to his music when I started my studies. For Schift.nl I recorded one of my favorite Elliott Smith songs ‘Between the bars’ in the smallest concert Room in The Netherlands. Between the bars is a drinking song, about the love and addiction of alcohol. Luckily I recorded it in the morning…


Also new versions of Wasting Time and Slow Whisper.

2013 / 10 / 21
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Great music, fine people and as it turns out, nice photo’s

Friday night, The Electric Monkey House@Zaal100, great music, fine people and as it turns out … nice photo’s.

2013 / 05 / 12
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